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For My 2019 Demo Reel

This is a compilation of work I've created alongside a team of artists while acting as an Asset Lead and Senior CG Generalist. While leading teams, I worked closely with the VFX Supe to see their vision for each shot was met while at the same time, respecting client requirements.

For specific contributions, see below:

Ant-Man and The Wasp

Invented workflow strategies and style guide for recursive depth environment layouts and molecular designs. Directed beautiful and consistent art over a mid size team of artists. Created many of the assets for the quantum realm environment as well as the quantum pod vehicle. 

Thor Ragnarok

Managed the design, creation and layout workflows for hundreds of assets in this production on a large team of artists. Being the heaviest single production for number of assets, QC and organization were paramount in the success of these shots. 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Led the team of artists who created every set extension and cg asset as well as took responsibility for the layouts and QC of all assets. 

Star Trek - Beyond

Created the enemy Swarm Ship asset.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Worked closely with the developers of the in-development, proprietary software I used to create the hair/grooms on all the character digi-doubles as well as the lookdev for them. Trained other artists on workflows using this technology. 

Transformers - Age of Extinction

Designed, created, rigged, animated and carried to completed lighting, all Transformer weapon systems used in these shots.

San Andreas

With a focused team of artists, created the buildings in the environments with a specific set of requirements for the purpose of destruction simulations.

The Maze Runner

With a select team of artists, created the entire Maze and Griever creatures. Worked closely with James Jacoabs (now of Ziva Dynamics) in the creation of internal bones, organs, muscles to facilitate his workflow in the creation of realistic movement in the Griever creatures.


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